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The COVID-19 Cleaning Process

To our valued customers,

This is a unique time in our world. We understand that we do not get to choose the challenges we face, but we do get to choose how we respond. At Safe Kitchens, we remain optimistic and recognize all that is still good in the world and within our relationships. We are truly appreciative of the partnerships we have with you and your organization.

We are actively working with several clients on ensuring a wise response regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. We are proactive in our leadership by responding to our clients and our employees in a way that expresses our concerns and care for the general well-being. As a result, our employees are eager to work to keep the restaurants and buildings clean and healthy for all. This united purpose requires solid tactics, so here are some of the actions we are taking to address this pandemic challenge:

  • We are re-training employees to protect themselves and others while using the Simix Cleaner with special attention to surfaces frequently touched by others. Simix is a safe, non-toxic, water-based cleaner and sanitizer approved by the FDA and USDA for contact surfaces in kitchens and buildings. I have attached a general information sheet with more details.

  • We have ensured that we have enough supply to continue to meet our current and future client needs. At this time we do not foresee any shortage of products to continue to meet the demand.

  • We have team capacity now to meet additional cleaning needs that you may have. We stand ready to ensure that you can confidently provide a clean and sanitized space to your employees and guests.

We all need to band together to get through these unprecedented times. We are focused on keeping high levels of communications circulating in hopes to address concerns and share how we are tackling challenges as they arise. Thank you for your partnership, we appreciate you and are grateful for the opportunity to serve.
If you have questions, comments or concerns please do reach out to us.

With our warmest regards,

The Safe Kitchens Team

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