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Due to the ongoing pandemic that has stricken our country, restaurant owners are faced with challenges to meet government protocols in order to keep their business running. Restaurant owners are given a multi-list guideline sheet to follow to keep their doors open. This checklist includes: managing employees health, employee health and hygiene, administrative controls, food safety, social distancing, and most importantly – cleaning and sanitizing. In order to ensure public health amid the Covid-19 Pandemic, Safe Kitchens is providing a state of the art restaurant Covid cleaning service to guarantee a properly disinfected and sanitized commercial kitchen. We guarantee you and your employees will have peace of mind knowing their work is conducted in a safe environment, and your patrons knowing their food is coming out of a hygienic, uncontaminated kitchen.

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What We Offer

Safe Kitchen relies on a proprietary process to transform your commercial kitchen into a safe and successful workplace, a process we call our defendable program. This five step program safeguards a properly cleaned kitchen for your business and teaches you ways to keep the space clean once we complete our disinfection service.

Our team will first analyze your kitchen and take note of the current cleaning protocols you have in place. We will check for equipment aging, high touch-points, and types of equipment used. After creating a customized plan for your commercial kitchen, we will then restore your kitchen using state of the art electrostatic sprayers and battery powered handheld fogging machines. This will ensure that both facilities and HVAC ducts in your kitchen are disinfected. We will then use Hygiena ATP testing meters to verify cleaning outcomes reach a safe and healthy level for occupants. The complete overhaul restaurant COVID cleaning service also includes use of Probiotic Bio Detergents as a measure to fight biology with biology, keeping yourself, your employees, and everyone around the kitchen safe and healthy.

After restoring your commercial kitchen to brand new, we take the time to thoroughly and carefully document our services, ensuring OSHA and CDC compliances. Our report will outline the cleaning protocols followed, chemical Safety Data Sheets of chemicals and detergents used, ATP readings before and after cleaning services and before and after pictures. The documentation and ATP reading prove that prudence and precautions were taken to create a safe and healthy environment for occupants. We then train and educate your work staff the efforts Safe Kitchen takes to clean a kitchen, so that your space can continue to stay clean and sanitary. Finally, we focus on helping you create a sustainable environment by using ongoing monitoring, which collects data real time to ensure cleanliness in your kitchen is maintained. In addition to monitoring, all of our cleaning products we use provides an additional six months of antimicrobial protection.

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Our Promise to You

Our restaurant COVID cleaning service is more than just a “deep clean.” It is a way to give you, yourself, and the people who help sustain your business – your patrons, quietude knowing they are coming to a clean and sanitized space. This restaurant sanitation service is the only way you can properly continue running your business, pandemic or not. This process will give you the opportunity to again, invite employees and your patrons back to your restaurant. When worries are so high, we are committed to help ease the stress and to keep your essential business running!

Your business is our top importance, and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve you. We want to help you rest easy knowing your restaurant is doing everything it can to make people feel at home, while taking all precautionary measures to stop the spread of COVID-19. Contact us today for all of your restaurant sanitization service needs! We are ready to help!