Emergency Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Emergency Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

A clean commercial kitchen is integral to workplace safety and operational compliance. Safe Kitchens provides leading commercial kitchen services across the nation, from everyday cleaning through to sanitation and emergency services. We specialize in “Kitchen 911” situations, and can help you deal with Health Department letter downgrades and closures. If you demand the very best in commercial cleaning, safety, and compliance, Safe Kitchens is here to help.

Safe Kitchens provides a range of emergency commercial kitchen cleaning services across California. We have cleaning expertise and experience across the commercial landscape, including restaurants, bars, commercial offices, hospitals, senior living facilities, universities, and more. We can satisfy all your cleaning needs, from regular weekly services through to emergency situations and quality commercial cleaning solutions.

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What Can We Offer

Safe Kitchens specializes in emergency commercial kitchen cleaning services. After years of experience working in commercial kitchens, we’re familiar with sanitation issues and know how to get great results that satisfy compliance regulations. If you’ve received a visit from the Health Department or face impending downgrade or closure, it’s important to act fast.

Sanitation can be a complex issue, with ongoing cleanliness routines and long-term infrastructure standards needing to be dealt with in a professional manner to avoid problems. Emergency situations can arise for many reasons. For example, a singular disruptive event can sometimes trigger a sanitation problem, such as a water leak, building damage, or a pest infestation.

Chronic issues can also create problems, with inconsistent cleaning standards and pests often building up over time before issues get noticed. Sanitation problems may be recognized by the Health Department during one of their regular inspections, or they may be the result of a customer making a call to the appropriate authorities. If sanitation is not a consistent priority for a commercial kitchen, sooner or later, it will become an emergency situation.

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The Safe Kitchens Advantage

At Safe Kitchens, our experienced cleaning team will come to your kitchen or food preparation facility to perform a deep and comprehensive clean. We will inspect any documentation you have been given by the Health Department before analyzing your issues and getting to work. We will clear, tidy, disinfect, sanitize, and transform your working environment with the latest in deep kitchen cleaning technology. Pest control is an important part of this process, with many kitchens closed down due to pests and the damage they create.

According to John Spach, respected CEO of Safe Kitchens, “About 90% of the health department shut downs are due to causes related to vermin. Although pest control companies are typically called in to deal with vermin, they are not enough in isolation. Without proper deep cleaning, the issues caused by pests can still result in letter downgrades or a complete shut down.” After years of working across California, John and his team are familiar with local pests and how they affect commercial environments.

“It takes a combination of quality pest control and comprehensive deep kitchen cleaning to have a long-term impact on sanitation and prevent expensive health department closures. Rodents and other pests will often return after pest control folks have serviced a kitchen,” said John, explaining “Grease, sugar, and food can be built up in many areas, behind kitchen equipment, on the legs of racks and prep tables, and in floors, floor drains, and baseboards. In order to prevent ongoing problems, deep cleaning is required throughout these environments. This is where Safe Kitchens comes in.”

Safe Kitchens provides leading commercial kitchen sanitation services across California. As the trusted specialists in “Kitchen 911” situations, Health Department closures, and other crisis management services, you can count on us for a deep and professional cleaning solution. If you need to meet Health Department requirements and get your business back on track, Safe Kitchens is here to help.