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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

When you are operating a commercial kitchen, it’s crucial that the kitchen is clean, safe, and fully compliant with all industry regulations. This isn’t just about meeting a set of arbitrary rules that are presented by government organizations; keeping commercial kitchens clean protects both customers and employees from a variety of dangers and illnesses.

At Safe Kitchens, we offer commercial kitchen cleaning services offering commercial kitchen cleaning to local businesses. We provide one-time deep cleans to get a kitchen up to standard and regular services to maintain that level of cleanliness.

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What is included in our restaurant cleaning services?

There are many tasks that a kitchen staff team can be expected to perform during their daily shift. Maintaining their station, properly handling any food scraps or debris from prep, and properly using and storing utensils, for example.

But there are certain tasks that can’t be completed during open hours, or that require more specialized equipment than the average kitchen has on hand. That’s where commercial kitchen cleaners become particularly useful.

When Safe Kitchens cleans a kitchen, the service includes:

  • Cleaning all hot line equipment, including grills, ranges, ovens, fryers, and more
  • Cleaning, polishing, and sealing floors of all types
  • Cleaning and polishing stainless steel
  • Cleaning external hoods and filters
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Why are professional cleaners necessary?

In a busy restaurant, there are too many jobs for the regular staff to complete along with their daily tasks. There are also cleaning jobs that can be more efficiently completed by professional cleaners rather than regular wait or kitchen staff. Safe Kitchens offers services such as:

  • Janitorial services
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning

We also clean bathrooms from top to bottom. In restaurants, the front and back of house are often considered, but owners may forget that customers consider the restroom an incredibly important part of their experience, too. Guests consider restrooms to be, in general, the dirtiest room in any building. They think they are most likely to touch bacteria and unhealthy microbes in the bathroom rather than anywhere else.

It’s important for restaurants to make sure their bathrooms are clean, odor-free, and well maintained. This improves the customer experience and makes sure that the restaurant is presented well in all possible ways.

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Beyond Food Safety

Kitchens often think of cleaning in terms of food safety. This is, of course, an important consideration. Food can carry some dangerous bacteria and microbes that have the potential to make people very sick. Listeria and salmonella are some of the most well-known; infection can cause food poisoning or even send someone to the hospital. No restauranteur wants that on their conscience.

But the dangers of an unclean kitchen go beyond that. The most serious risks are fire and pests. Dirty kitchens tend to have layers of grease and dust on the walls, floors, and equipment. Exposed to the high temperatures common in the kitchen, it’s possible for this combination to ignite a fire, which can spread quickly in such an environment. This poses an obvious danger to anyone in the restaurant at the time.

Another risk of a dirty kitchen is that it can attract pests, including rodents and bugs. Pests are a hazard to food, both in storage and during prep and cooking. They carry their own host of bacteria and microbes, which make a space unsafe and unhealthy.

Whether you need a one-time deep clean to get your kitchen up to standards or you need a regular cleaning service to maintain your safe, clean, and regulation kitchen, Safe Kitchens is ready to help. We are familiar with the necessary rules, and are prepared to help you meet them. Contact us today for a free estimate on our services.

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