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Commercial Sanitization Services Los Angeles

While standard commercial cleaning services can improve the appearance and general cleanliness, sanitization goes a step further. When you need to reduce the number of microorganisms on a surface, such as viruses and bacteria, sanitization is required.

Commercial kitchens in particular need to maintain clean, sanitized spaces for food prep, presentation, and overall health. While your staff may complete basic cleaning tasks, it is absolutely possible for a space to look clean while harmful bacteria and microbes are still present.

Our sanitization services include:

  • Restaurant Sanitization Service
  • Office Sanitization Service
  • Industrial Sanitization Service
  • Contaminated Area Sanitization Service
  • Other Commercial Cleaning and Sanitizing Services

For many restaurant owners and other commercial businesses, hiring a professional sanitization service is key to maintaining sanitized surfaces and spaces

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Why Hire a Commercial Sanitization Service?

Sanitization is necessary in restaurants and kitchens as clean surfaces are essential for preparing food that is safe to eat and prevents contamination. Sanitized surfaces also ensure that food remains safe once it has been served to customers. Maintaining proper sanitization also helps to protect the health of staff who handle food on a regular basis.

However, sanitization is not limited to food-related businesses. Industrial sanitization services can also be beneficial for other types of facilities such as office buildings that may need specific areas sanitized after a disaster or if contaminants are found in the HVAC system. Similarly, production facilities can benefit from regular sanitization services to ensure that their products are clean and healthy for the end user and to keep the employees safe and healthy.

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How Does Safe Kitchens Complete Sanitization?

Microorganisms such as listeria, salmonella, and others can be highly resilient, and traditional cleaning methods such as using bleach or heat may not be sufficient in eliminating them. Cross-contamination, through practices such as using the same sponge in multiple areas or transferring microorganisms via hands or utensils, can also increase exposure. Safe Kitchens employs multiple methods to create a sanitized environment with our commercial sanitization services. We also test to make sure that all bacteria and microbes have been effectively removed. Our process is designed to deliver comprehensive and effective sanitization, from initial assessment to quality inspection.
  • Initial Assessment: Our commercial cleaning and sanitizing service begins with a thorough assessment of your commercial space. We take into consideration the type of facility, the layout, high-traffic areas, and specific areas of concern. This assessment allows us to create a customized sanitization plan that addresses your unique needs.
  • Customized Sanitization Plan: We then develop a customized sanitization plan that outlines the specific services required. This plan is tailored to meet your space’s needs, whether you need a one-time deep sanitization or ongoing maintenance. We prioritize flexibility in scheduling to accommodate your operational hours and preferences.
  • Specialized Sanitization Methods: Our team employs specialized sanitization methods to ensure the most effective results. We use industry-approved, environmentally friendly sanitization agents and techniques that target common touchpoints, surfaces, and air quality.
  • Surface Sanitization: We focus on sanitizing high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, handrails, light switches, and countertops. Our specialized agents effectively kill harmful pathogens while being safe for your staff and customers.
  • Air Purification: When needed, we utilize advanced air purification equipment to improve indoor air quality. This includes HEPA filters and UV-C sanitization, reducing the risk of airborne contaminants.
  • Deep Cleaning: Our deep cleaning process targets hidden or hard-to-reach areas, ensuring that no surface or space is left untreated. This includes thorough cleaning of floors, carpets, and areas where contaminants may accumulate.
  • Quality Inspection: We maintain a commitment to quality by conducting a final inspection. Our team ensures that your commercial space meets our stringent sanitization standards, leaving it clean, safe, and ready to welcome staff and customers.
  • Preventive Measures: In addition to our professional sanitization services, we offer valuable guidance on preventive measures that your staff can follow to maintain a sanitized environment between service visits. This includes best practices for maintaining cleanliness and safety.
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Dry Vapor Cleaning

Dry vapor cleaning is a highly effective method for sanitizing food preparation surfaces and other key areas in your facility. The process uses superheated water to generate vapor, which leaves behind minimal to no water residue on surfaces. This method is widely considered the gold standard in cleaning technology as it’s very effective in destroying most microbes and bacteria, cleans quickly, and does not use any chemicals. This makes it particularly suitable for organic-focused restaurants and production facilities.

Cleaning on a regular basis can help prevent cross-contamination by identifying issues that may arise on specific dates or batches. Properly sanitizing food preparation surfaces can greatly reduce the risk of food poisoning or microbe contamination of food. The methods used by Safe Kitchens ensure that your facility is kept clean and hygienic for the safety of your customers and staff.

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ATP Testing

Safe Kitchens uses ATP testing to confirm the effectiveness of the sanitization process. ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) is a chemical produced by living organisms, and measuring it allows us to determine the number of living bacteria and microbes remaining in an area after cleaning. The test is done on-site and involves taking a swab from the surface, then measuring the ATP count to ensure that it falls within safe limits.

ATP testing units can be purchased for public use, but it requires special training to use them effectively and not all units are equally accurate. Safe Kitchens only uses the highest-rated units to ensure the safety and health of our clients.

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We offer sanitization cleaning services near you for a range of commercial spaces, including restaurants, bars, office buildings, and production facilities. We have extensive experience in the Los Angeles and Southern California area, including Santa Barbara, Orange County, Ventura County, San Francisco and San Diego.

Our cleaning and sanitizing services help improve the overall appearance of cleanliness and safety, which enhances employee morale and customer satisfaction. Contact Safe Kitchens today for a free estimate on our commercial sanitization services.

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