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The Benefits of Commercial Sanitation

How clean is clean? This question frequently vexes those who need to maintain clean, sanitary spaces for food prep, presentation, and overall health. Companies may use regular staff to complete basic cleaning tasks, but it is absolutely possible for a space to look clean while harmful bacteria and microbes are still present.

For many restaurant owners and other commercial businesses, hiring a professional commercial sanitation team is key to maintaining cleanliness in their surroundings.

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Why Is Sanitation a Concern?

In restaurants and kitchens, it should be obvious why sanitation is necessary. Clean surfaces are crucial to preparing high-quality food that won’t make customers sick. In a dining area, clean and sanitary surfaces prevent food contamination once the food has been presented to diners. And, since staff members are constantly tasting food for quality control, maintaining sanitation is also important for keeping your staff healthy and able to work.

Restaurants and bars are not the only places where sanitation is a concern, however. Office buildings may benefit from commercial sanitation in specific areas, after disasters like a broken pipe, or if contaminants are found in the HVAC system.

Other commercial production companies may also need to sanitize their areas regularly to ensure that the products they are providing are clean and healthy for the end user. They may also be able to prevent illness for their employees.

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How Does Safe Kitchens Complete Sanitation?

Several microbes – including listeria, salmonella, and others – have adapted to a point where bleach and heat will not necessarily kill them. Cross-contamination – using a sponge in two different areas, for example, or picking up the microbe on a hand or utensil and moving to a new station – can result in additional exposure. Safe Kitchens uses several methods to create a sanitary environment and then test it to ensure that bacteria and microbes have been removed.

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Dry Vapor Cleaning

Dry vapor cleaning is effective for sanitizing all food prep surfaces and other key areas. The vapor is generated from superheated water, which leaves behind minimal to no water residue on the surface. This method is currently the gold standard of cleaning technology. The extreme heat destroys virtually all microbes and bacteria, cleans in seconds instead of minutes, and does not use any chemicals. This means that this type of cleaning is particularly useful for restaurants and production facilities that focus on organic products.

Regular cleaning helps to prevent cross-contamination. When completed daily, facilities can narrow down any potential issue to a particular date or lot number. Making sure that all food prep surfaces are properly sanitized will greatly reduce the risk of food poisoning or microbe contamination of food.

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ATP Testing

To confirm that the sanitation process has been effective, Safe Kitchens uses ATP testing. ATP is a chemical made by living organisms. Measuring it determines how many living bacteria and microbes remain in an area after sanitization.

This form of testing can be completed in the moment. It involves taking a swab test of the area to make sure that microbe and bacteria counts are within the limits that are considered safe. While there are ATP units sold to public consumers, a significant amount of training is necessary to use one effectively, and not all ATP units are created equal. Safe Kitchens makes sure to use the best units that have the highest safety ratings.

Whether you need a deep clean or regular sanitation services for your commercial space, contact Safe Kitchens. We have years of experience in and around the Los Angeles area, including Santa Barbara, Orange County, Ventura County, San Francisco, and San Diego. We provide our clients with safe, healthy spaces for their guests and their employees. This improves a company’s appearance of cleanliness and safety, which boosts employee morale and customer appreciation. For a free estimate on commercial sanitation for your business, contact Safe Kitchens today.

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