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About Safe Kitchens' Mission

To create a culture within commercial kitchens that is as risk and worry free as humanly possible through application of proven risk mitigation principles and practices.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to reduce your worry in running your commercial kitchen.

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Who We Are

Safe Kitchens is the culmination of everything we learned in our two decades of running the most successful commercial kitchen cleaning and compliance company in California. Today our focus is on mitigating the myriad of risks in operating a thriving commercial kitchen encompassing cleaning, compliance, sanitation, safety and liability concerns.

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Our Values

The values we cherish are the ones we learned through the greatest teachers we know: our customers.

    If it is important to our customers, it is urgent to us.
    Urgency plus Trust equals RELIABILITY
    We serve to protect and enhance the reputation of our customers.
    We believe that respecting our employees is the best way to respect our customers.
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Safe Kitchens Proudly Supports

Safe Kitchens believes in making a difference. A portion of all proceeds is donated to the following charities.

Safe Kitchens Children Of The Nations Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning Companies
Safe Kitchens Hope International Cleaning In Los Angeles California
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