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Bar Cleaning

If you run a bar, you know that keeping your glassware polished and your bottles and shelves well dusted is only part of keeping the bar clean. You also need to make sure that odors don’t permeate the bar, that ice bins are clean and sanitized, and that any food prep areas are kept properly clean.

While your bar staff might be able to keep up with most of these tasks on a daily basis, this may not be the most affordable or efficient option. Professional bar cleaning service on a regular basis can help make your bar the go-to spot in town.

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What Keeps a Bar Clean?

Many professional bars have cleaning checklists that the staff goes through during every shift. These can include:

  • Wiping down the bar
  • Taking out the trash
  • Cleaning glasses
  • Wiping bottles
  • Cleaning speedwells
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Why Does a Bar Need Professional Cleaners?

While these are all tasks that a bartender or wait staff can be expected to complete during their shift, there are other tasks that are more involved and may be better served by a professional cleaning service. For example, bar cleaning pros might:

  • Sanitize food prep areas
  • Deep clean refrigerators and food storage areas
  • Deep clean front of bar and back bar surfaces
  • Dust high-level areas that are more complicated for daily staff to reach

Professional cleaners can also accomplish tasks like moving items that can accumulate grease and dust, which are a fire hazard, and cleaning those spaces. They may look for signs of bugs or other pests and work with professional exterminators to solve any problems that arise.

There are also tasks that can’t be accomplished while customers are in the bar: deep cleaning tables and booths, for example, or making sure that any spills on the floor have been mopped up. Sometimes there are even more unfortunate messes that need to be cleaned up. All of these tasks are best completed by service professionals who know exactly how to handle these cleaning items quickly and efficiently.

Another area that bars must keep clean are the restrooms. Bar restrooms tend to get dirty quickly because of heavy usage, and the regular staff may be unwilling or unable to keep the bathroom disinfected and cleaned at the end of the night. Professional cleaners, like those at Safe Kitchen, use dry vapor and other technologies to ensure that all spaces are clean, unstained, and disinfected. This extra attention to detail reduces odors and ensures that customers aren’t coming into contact with bacteria and microbes that could make them sick.

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Detail Cleaning Behind and Underneath the Bar

Two of the most potentially dangerous areas in a bar are behind and underneath the bar. Glasses break, drinks spill, bottles drip, and more. This creates the potential for a sticky mix that smells bad, creates a perfect environment for bacteria, and can attract pests.

Cleaning out drains is a job that the staff will struggle to accomplish properly, and is absolutely necessary. Those same sticky fluids and shards of glass can keep drains from working properly and can provide a perfect home for flies, bugs, and other pests.

And for higher-end night spots, presentation is key in every way. The front of the house should be spotless, and the back bar needs to shine. Bars that specialize in mixology will probably have customers who want to watch their drink being prepared; seeing that everything is neat and clean enhances their experience.

While there are absolutely tasks that the bar staff should be completing throughout and after their shifts, having a professional bar cleaning company like Safe Kitchens complete a regular deep clean will keep your bar healthy and safe, both for customers and for staff. We are ready to make your bar look its best. Contact us for a free quote on the best bar cleaning service in the area.

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