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Safe Kitchens Compliance Certifications

Certification in the food industry should never be just about fulfilling regulatory requirements. For food and beverage businesses, the competitive edge is attained by demonstrating not only talent, but also a high level of excellence with respect to customer service and a flawless experience. To set your business apart, promote the highest standards in your personnel with Safe Kitchens Compliance Certifications.

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive, practical instruction delivered through experienced instructors and proctors. A certification from Safe Kitchens means that your personnel not only understand statutory and industry standards; they are committed to living by them every time they step onto your business premises. Individuals enrolling in Safe Kitchens Compliance Certifications earn important qualifications that will allow them to pursue their desired careers in the food industry.

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ServSafe Certifications

For more than a decade, Safe Kitchens has employed high caliber, knowledgeable instructors and proctors to administer our certification programs. Our certified ServSafe Instructors and Registered ServSafe Proctors surpass the recommended experience and educational requirements. They instill in students a high standard of excellence and pride in their work.

We work closely with owners and employees in the industry to ensure that your personnel knows exactly what is required of them and how to ensure compliance in their workplaces. Whether it’s food preparation, alcohol service, or workplace safety, a ServSafe certificate from Safe Kitchens means that your employee is ready to help your business thrive.


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Food Manager Certifications

The Safe Kitchens Food Protection Manager Certification program is accredited by the American National Standards Institute Conference for Food Protection (ANSI CFP), which implemented its exacting accreditation program in 2002. Based on the Conference for Food Protection Accreditation Standards, the program ensures that the quality of the food supply in the industry remains high and safe for consumption. Programs accredited by the ANSI CFP are highly desired in the industry and elevate the quality of your business. ANSI CFP accredited certificates also receive national reciprocity, providing graduates of these programs valuable qualifications, which are acceptable all over the country.

The Safe Kitchens Food Manager Certification is implemented by experienced, certified members of the industry who are dedicated to making sure their students receive all the tools and knowledge they’ll need to promote high service standards and thrive in their careers. Businesses that employ graduates of the Safe Kitchens Food Manager Certification program are those that value competence and excellence in their staff and representatives.

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Food Handler Certifications

The Food Handler Program we administer at Safe Kitchens is a complete and practical solution aimed to deliver high quality and consistent food safety training to employees. Graduates of the Food Handler Certification courses are given essential knowledge in a number of relevant subject areas, such as public health legislation, food allergies and food microbiology, proper hygiene and sanitization, cross-contamination, and proper food temperature control. At the end of the course, students don’t just know the rules; they understand why they exist and how they serve to enhance the quality of service offered by businesses in the food industry.

Attaining a Safe Kitchens Food Handler Certification means someone possesses a proper working understanding of kitchen rules and guidelines, the ability to competently handle, process, or prepare food in any facility, and the ability to assess, follow, and manage food safety plans. A Safe Kitchens Certificate demonstrates dedication, pride, and respect when it comes to handling food and ensuring the health and safety of fellow workers, consumers, and customers in the food industry.

You put an enormous amount of trust in your employees. Make sure they are top notch by encouraging the right industry certifications.

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