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Alcohol Training

Whether your business serves alcohol to customers or allows patrons to bring their own alcoholic beverages onto the premises, Safe Kitchens Alcohol Training provides valuable knowledge and procedures for employees to help them handle individuals who may have consumed too much alcohol. The course will teach the applicable regulatory requirements, liquor laws, and industry norms, but also it will teach bar employees and waitstaff to recognize when a customer may be intoxicated. We have found that the seriousness of these issues is better perceived by employees when classes are taught by third parties, as opposed to in-house.

We will show your personnel the best options for dealing with intoxicated individuals – whether they are difficult to communicate with or have become belligerent – and how to maintain the safety and well being of both employees and patrons during such events.

Not only will Safe Kitchens Alcohol Training allow service staff to react quickly, decisively, and diplomatically, but in the case of alcohol-related incidents or accidents, it can help protect your business from potential legal action that may stem from them.

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