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If Your Commercial Kitchen Is Shut Down Due to Compliance Issues, Safe Kitchens Can Help

Operating a commercial kitchen is a big responsibility. With the various food service codes and laws, you have to be in compliance at all times. You never know when your kitchen may be inspected and potentially shut down. In fact, inspectors in the Los Angeles area may drop by to check out your commercial kitchen at any time for any number of health code violations. So, it’s important to understand the laws.

At Safe Kitchens, we understand the complexities involved with operating a commercial kitchen. Our team of experts is well-versed in kitchen safety and compliance laws for the Los Angeles area, including San Diego, Orange County, Santa Barbara, Ventura County, and San Francisco. In addition, we have the tools and equipment to come in and clean up whatever needs to be cleaned or fix whatever needs to be fixed. We develop a quick action plan that ensures you can be operational again.

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Why Commercial Kitchens Get Shut Down

Inspectors in the Los Angeles area inspect facilities from 1 to 3 times a year. They can come at any time to do the inspection. If they discover that a restaurant is in violation of the food service codes, they can shut down the facility at the time of the inspection. This can be devastating to your business. Food service code violation may vary by state but there are similarities across the board. Some of the safety code violations include the following:

  • Not following safe food handling procedures
  • Using utensils on raw meat that is near cooked food
  • Using the same surface to prepare raw meat that you use for cooked food
  • Employees not having adequate hand washing items such as soap, hot water, and paper towels
  • Poor temperature control for food, which will lead to potential food-borne illnesses
  • Sewage issues (especially backing up problems)
  • Refrigerator damage (not cooling properly)
  • Proof of food-borne contamination at an establishment
  • Having rodents present in the facility
  • Having pests present in the facility

Once an inspector shows up at a facility and notices that there is a violation of any of the food service codes, then a shut down may be imminent.

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We are Here to Help

If your restaurant was recently closed down because of a failed inspection, we provide immediate assistance. Whether it’s a foodborne illness incident, an outbreak, health department closure, or another emergency, we work with regulatory and public health agencies to ensure our experts, as well as yours, are always up to date on the latest issues. We collaborate with your team and health agencies to come to a solution quickly. For more information about resolving your kitchen shut down, get in touch with Safe Kitchens today. We’ll work to get you open and operational again as soon as possible.

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Solutions to Closures

Safe Kitchens is a crisis management company. We help businesses in the commercial kitchen industry who have experienced a shut down because of a compliance violation. We provide comprehensive services that include guidance, tools, and assistance to help commercial kitchens in crisis. We don’t just provide consultation services, we actually come in and do the work that is needed to get you opened back up again. In most cases, we can get your commercial kitchen up and running again quickly.

Not only do we help you open the doors to business again, but we can also provide your business with the needed compliance training. That way, you won’t ever have to worry about going through this experience again. Once you and your employees are trained in food safety codes, you will operate your commercial kitchen with confidence and peace of mind.

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