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The Leadership

John Spach
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

John Spach has spent the last 25 years advising clients on how to identify risks and recommending the best practices to mitigate risks. As the driving force behind Safe Kitchens, John has dedicated his career to becoming an indispensable advisor to clients across a diverse array of sectors, including the largest food service companies, hotel property managers, casinos, hospitals, universities, and national restaurant brands. 

Safe Kitchens John Spach Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder In Ca

His approach revolves around not only identifying potential risks but also implementing the most effective strategies to prevent them, ensuring the safety and efficiency of kitchen operations nationwide.

Safe Kitchens is renowned for its deep commercial kitchen cleaning services, a critical component that underscores the company’s commitment to excellence. John’s leadership has enabled Safe Kitchens to offer a comprehensive view of industry best practices, thanks to a methodical approach to evaluating what works and what doesn’t. His recommendations are always backed by third-party verifications and have been successfully implemented by numerous clients, resulting in substantial cost savings through innovative methods such as task frequency reduction, manpower optimization, and conservation of resources, including energy and water. Under John’s guidance, clients have seen a marked decrease in the frequency and severity of accidents, leading to lower general liability and workers’ compensation claims.

In the past six years, John has been instrumental in establishing the Safe Facility Services Network Partner (SFS NP), a pioneering initiative that aggregates the country’s premier deep cleaning and specialty cleaning service providers. The SFS NP stands as the first national commercial cleaning entity with a focus on kitchens, food preparation facilities, and commissaries, setting a new standard for excellence and reliability in the industry.

Outside of his professional endeavors, John is a family man, celebrating 29 years of marriage with his wife and enjoying life with their two children, Catherine and Cameron. Residing in Thousand Oaks, CA, John’s passion extends beyond his work; he is an avid enthusiast of road bicycling, soccer, golf, weight lifting, and body surfing. His leisure time is often spent on long walks with his golden retriever, Maverick, reflecting his deep appreciation for the simple joys of life. 

Anthony Barton

Anthony is a janitorial and facility health and safety expert, bringing over 25 years of experience to Safe Facility Services. Being a trusted advisor, with a customer-centric approach, consistently sets him apart from the competition. Anthony serves on the boards of several non-profit organizations focused on establishing sustainable business concepts in third world countries.

Tyrone Nichols, COO

Ty brings over twenty-five years of expertise in operations management and team building experience.  During his professional career, Ty oversaw the financing, construction, and day-to-day management of the 52,000-square-foot Sports Center on the campus of Alliant International University as the Vice President of High Five America.  Ty has spent his time with Safe Facility Services fine-tuning internal operations, initiating best practices from a financial perspective, and utilizing technology to increase efficiencies in every aspect of the business.

Ken Horton
VP Training and Education

Ken has years of experience in the facility health industry. He brings a comprehensive approach to facility health from floorcare, IAQ, cleaning for health, and disinfection to training and networking with experts in the field. His extensive research and product promotion helps provide sought-after answers to business executives. Ken collaborates with other industry leaders who share the Safe Facility Services goals, leading to effective, safe, and sustainable health solutions.

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