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Corporate Compliance Services

We offer corporate compliance services including training on food safety, allergens, alcohol, hazards, and sexual harassment. We also offer certifications and audits to confirm minimum standards are the norm.

Food safety training will give your staff the information needed to serve food with excellence and safety.

Compliance audits ensure that your establishment is compliant with regulatory requirements.

Safe Kitchens compliance certifications confirm high standards in the food industry.

Safe Kitchens offers a number of food industry training courses and certification programs for managers and employees.

Accommodating guests with food allergies and having the ability to respond to allergy-related emergencies is a must in todays food and beverage world.

Our training includes the applicable regulatory requirements, liquor laws, and industry norms, but also it will teach bar employees and waitstaff to recognize when a customer may be intoxicated.

A good Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan is essential for any business in the food industry.

Safe Kitchens Sexual Harassment teaches the laws and regulations that exist for the protection of employees and individuals from sexual harassment.