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Facility Safety Audits

Health and safety are important issues when you’re running a commercial kitchen. There are lots of steps you need to take in order to ensure workplace safety, from training your employees through to cleaning and compliance services. Facility safety audits are an important piece of the puzzle, with our qualified team able to review your existing safety programs, carry out surveys, and make an accurate safety assessment to ensure compliance.

Here at Safe Kitchens, we help you to identify health and safety issues early on before they lead to additional problems with the Health Department. Commercial kitchens need to be pro-active to avoid bad scores, fines, and possible closure. Safe Kitchens provides industry-leading facility safety audits to commercial kitchens across America.

[ facility safety services ]

What Is a Safety Audit?

A safety audit is a structured process that involves the collection of information related to health and safety systems. While safety audits vary considerably between specific workplaces and industry sectors, they’re all designed to identify weak points, measure internal reliability, and determine compliance with local safety legislation. Safety audits help to review current systems, recognize existing problems, and promote improvements to health and safety programs and policies.

[ facility safety services ]

What Are Facility Safety Audits?

Facility safety audits are conducted in the workplace to ensure safety and compliance within a specific working environment. Here at Safe Kitchens, we carry out detailed safety audits for all types of commercial kitchens. Whether you own a restaurant, run an office cafe, or operate an entertainment venue, our comprehensive audit procedure leaves nothing to chance.

More than a collection of isolated inspections, our facility safety audits involve detailed reviews, surveys, interviews, walk-throughs, and other procedures designed to ensure health and safety, compliance, and accurate record-keeping. Our facility safety audits work with local safety legislation in the Los Angeles area, including building and fire codes.

Safe Kitchens facility safety audits cover a lot of ground, from fire hazards and emergency procedures through to protective equipment, ergonomics, and cleaning. Promoting a safe and productive workspace demands diligence and attention to detail, with our expert team able to identify issues and present solutions before they lead to systemic problems. Conducting regular safety audits throughout the year is recommended to promote safety, ensure compliance, and avoid the build-up of problems.

[ facility safety services ]

The Safety Audit Process

In order to be effective, a facility safety audit should follow a number of recognized steps. While you can always carry out an internal audit, calling in the experts is the best way to ensure objectivity. Here at Safe Kitchens, our consultants are well-trained, experienced, versed in compliance legislation, and completely unbiased. A fresh set of eyes and ears should never be underestimated when it comes to safety, with our team providing a neutral focus at all times.

Before starting a commercial kitchen safety audit, it’s important to be aware of compliance legislation in the local area. Safe Kitchens has lots of experience working in and around Los Angeles and our qualified team is familiar with federal, state, and local compliance standards. Before we start, we will review your past programs, inform your managers and supervisors, and present the scope and timeline of the audit.

The next phase of the audit process involves various measures to gather information and identify problems. There are many ways to recognize safety and compliance issues, from surveys and interviews through to program and documentation reviews. A walk-through of your kitchen is also carried out to help identify practical health and safety issues and determine the scope of your existing safety programs.

After we’ve identified gaps in your existing procedures and policies, we will review our findings, compare them to your existing programs, inform supervisors and managers, and make key recommendations based on pro-active and corrective actions. Safe Kitchens facility safety audits provide a number of key benefits for your business, including increased productivity, better employee satisfaction, improved health and safety compliance, and a safer and more secure workplace.

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