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Los Angeles boasts a wide-ranging fast food scene, offering tons of delicious quick bites to hungry Angelenos. But keeping these fast-paced kitchens sparkling clean and operating efficiently requires a dedicated cleaning approach. Here at Safe Kitchens, we understand the unique challenges of fast food restaurant cleaning in LA, and we offer a comprehensive set of services to make sure your establishment meets the highest hygiene standards.

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Deep Cleaning Fast Food Restaurants

Fast food kitchens are constantly in action, with spills, grease buildup, and food debris accumulating rapidly. Regular deep cleaning services tackle these issues head-on, ensuring a thoroughly sanitized environment. Our deep cleaning services include:

  • Exhaust Hood Cleaning: Grease buildup in exhaust hoods poses a significant fire hazard. We provide thorough exhaust hood cleaning, removing grease and ensuring proper ventilation.
  • Grill Cleaning: Deep cleaning of grills, including scraping, degreasing, and complete breakdown for meticulous cleaning.
  • Fryer Cleaning: We handle complete fryer cleaning, removing old oil and cleaning all components for optimal performance.
  • Floor Cleaning: We thoroughly clean floors, removing grease, grime, and spilled food using appropriate cleaning solutions for different floor types.

Kitchen Hot Line

Your kitchen’s hot line” is the center of your fast-food kitchen. Our cleaning focuses on:

  • Flat Top Grills and Griddles: We clean flat top griddles with specialized tools to remove food residue and ensure a smooth, non-stick surface for optimal cooking.
  • Deep Fryers: Our deep fryer cleaning includes complete oil removal, filter cleaning, and degreasing of all components.
  • Ovens and Toasters: We perform thorough cleaning of ovens and toasters, removing baked-on food particles and ensuring even heat distribution.
  • Slicers and Prep Surfaces: We sanitize all food prep surfaces, slicers, and utensils with food-safe disinfectants.

Kitchen Equipment and Cooking Equipment

Fast food relies on specialized equipment to prepare meals quickly and consistently. This includes industrial grade griddles and fryers for high-volume cooking, slicers for precise portion control, and ovens and microwaves for speedy baking and reheating.  Regular cleaning and maintenance of this equipment is necessary for optimal performance, food safety, and ensuring a long lifespan for your investment.

Appliances & Walk-Ins

Fast food restaurants rely heavily on various appliances. Our cleaning services cover:

  • Microwaves: We disinfect microwave interiors and exteriors, removing baked-on food particles and ensuring proper functionality.
  • Ice Machines: Regular ice machine cleaning is crucial to prevent mold growth and bacterial contamination. We perform thorough cleaning and sanitation.
  • Walk-In Coolers and Freezers: We prioritize maintaining proper hygiene in walk-in refrigerators and freezers. Our cleaning includes removing spills, deodorizing, and replacing air filters.
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Dining Room

Keeping the dining room clean is equally important. Our services include:

  • Table and Chair Cleaning: We thoroughly clean tables, chairs, and booths using sanitizing solutions to ensure a hygienic dining experience.
  • Waste Disposal and Restroom Cleaning: We ensure proper waste disposal and maintain clean and sanitary restrooms with regular cleaning and restocking of supplies.
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High-Level Dusting & Inside & Outside Window Cleaning

Maintaining a spotless appearance extends beyond surfaces readily accessible during daily cleaning. We offer:

  • High-Level Dusting: We reach and remove dust accumulated on high ceilings, vents, light fixtures, and ductwork, preventing allergens and creating a clean aesthetic.
  • Inside and Outside Window Cleaning: We offer professional window cleaning, ensuring a clear view for your customers and enhancing the overall look of your restaurant.
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Floor Stripping, Waxing, and Sealing

Over time, heavy foot traffic can take a toll on your restaurant’s floors. We provide:

  • Floor Stripping: Removing old wax layers and embedded dirt for a fresh start.
  • Floor Waxing: Applying high-quality wax to protect your floors, enhancing shine, and making them easier to maintain.
  • Floor Sealing: Sealing floors penetrates deep, providing added protection against wear and tear.
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Carpet Cleaning

For fast-food restaurants with carpeted areas, we offer professional deep cleaning to remove dirt, stains, and allergens, ensuring a fresh and welcoming environment.

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Pressure Washing

Exterior surfaces like patios, dumpster areas, and walkways can become stained and grimy. Our pressure washing services remove dirt, grime, and grease, creating a clean and inviting first impression.

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Mold Remediation

Mold growth can pose a significant health hazard. If you suspect mold in your restaurant, we provide professional mold remediation services to safely and effectively remove the mold and prevent its return.

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Nightly Cleaning Services

Fast food restaurants operate long hours. To maintain a consistently clean environment throughout the day, we offer customized nightly cleaning services to address any spills, clean floors, and ensure your restaurant looks its best every morning.

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Department of Health, Food & Safety Compliance

Maintaining compliance with the Department of Health’s regulations is a must for any food service establishment. Our services can help ensure your restaurant is up-to-code by focusing on areas like:

  • Proper food storage and handling procedures
  • Sanitation protocols

Additionally, we offer specific training programs that focus on food safety so your restaurant can always serve the absolute best food to your customers.

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Fast Food Restaurant Cleaning Company

At Safe Kitchens, we go beyond surface-level cleaning to provide a complete solution for your fast-food restaurant. From deep cleaning kitchens and equipment to maintaining a spotless dining room, we ensure your establishment meets the highest hygiene standards and creates a welcoming environment for your customers. Contact Safe Kitchens today for a free quote and experience our fast food and food court kitchen cleaning in Los Angeles.

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