Cleaning Commercial Kitchen Floor Mats

Commercial floor mats are unsung heroes in your business, protecting your floors from dirt, moisture, and wear caused by heavy foot traffic. However, like any equipment, they require regular maintenance to perform their best.

Let’s understand why cleaning commercial kitchen mats is essential:

  1. Cleanliness: Clean mats contribute to a clean and hygienic environment in your establishment, leaving a positive impression on visitors and customers.
  2. Prolonged Lifespan: Regular cleaning removes dirt and debris that can grind into the mat fibers, reducing wear and extending the mat’s life.
  3. Effectiveness: Dirty mats won’t trap dirt effectively. Regular cleaning ensures your mats continue to do their job efficiently.

Now that we’ve established the importance of cleaning your commercial floor mats, let’s get into the cleaning process.


How to Clean Commercial Kitchen Floor Mats

Determine Cleaning Frequency

The frequency of cleaning your commercial floor mats depends on the level of foot traffic in your establishment. In high-traffic areas, mats should be cleaned daily to prevent excessive dirt buildup. In less busy areas, you can clean them less frequently.

Prepare to Clean

Gather the necessary tools and supplies:

  • Broom or vacuum cleaner
  • Commercial vacuum (for best results)
  • Cleaning solution (appropriate for your mat material)
  • Bucket
  • Soft brush
  • Hose or access to a water source
  • Soft cloth or squeegee
  • Drying area or space

Remove the Mats

To clean your commercial floor mats effectively, start by removing them from their positions. Roll up the mats carefully, ensuring they don’t touch the floor or become contaminated during removal.

Shake Out the Mats

Take the mats to an outdoor area or a location at least 25 feet away from your facility. Hold one end of the mat and shake it vigorously to dislodge loose dirt, debris, and moisture.

Sweep or Vacuum the Mats

Once the loose dirt is removed, use a broom or vacuum cleaner to further clean the mats. For the best results, consider using a commercial vacuum cleaner designed for heavy-duty cleaning. These machines are effective at deep cleaning and removing embedded dirt.

Apply Cleaning Solution

Dilute the appropriate cleaning solution in a bucket according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a soft brush or mop to apply the solution evenly to both sides of the mats.

Scrub Gently

Gently scrub the mats with the brush or mop, paying extra attention to stained or soiled areas. Avoid using abrasive materials or brushes that could damage the mat’s fibers.

Rinse Thoroughly

Rinse the mats thoroughly with a hose or by pouring clean water over them. Ensure that all cleaning solution residues are removed.

Squeegee or Towel Dry

To expedite the drying process, use a soft cloth, squeegee, or even a commercial mat washer to remove excess water from the mats.

Return to a Dry Floor Surface

Allow the mats to air dry completely before returning them to their positions. Make sure the floor underneath is dry as well to prevent moisture-related issues.


Additional Tips for Cleaning Commercial Kitchen Mats

Rotate Mats: Regularly rotate your mats to distribute wear evenly and extend their lifespan.

Use the Right Cleaning Solution: Always use a cleaning solution that is appropriate for your mat’s material. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for guidance.

Inspect for Damage: While cleaning, inspect your mats for any damage or signs of wear. Replace mats that are no longer effective.

Consider Professional Cleaning: For particularly stubborn stains or heavy-duty cleaning, consider professional mat cleaning services.

Keep a Cleaning Schedule: Maintain a cleaning schedule to ensure your mats are cleaned consistently, based on your establishment’s traffic and needs.


Commercial Kitchen Floor Mats Cleaning Services in Los Angeles

Cleaning your commercial floor mats is an essential part of maintaining a clean and safe environment in your establishment. Regular cleaning not only prolongs the life of your mats but also ensures they continue to do their job effectively.

Reduce your staff’s time spent on maintenance tasks and call Safe Kitchens to keep your commercial kitchen floor mats clean in Los Angeles.

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