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Commercial Kitchen Pipes Cleaning Services

In a commercial kitchen, drain pipes are constantly exposed to food scraps, fat, oil, and grease, as well as other kitchen residues that can create unpleasant odors, blockages, and even hygiene concerns. Our commercial kitchen pipes cleaning services not only unclog your plumbing system, but also to improve the overall hygiene standards of your restaurant.

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How We Clean Your Commercial Kitchen Drain Pipes

Materials for Pipe Cleaning

Cleaning commercial kitchen pipes requires professional materials. This allows us to return them to full functionality:

  1. Commercial Drain Cleaner: A specialized commercial drain cleaner can break down grease, organic matter, and other residues within the pipes.
  1. Plumbing Snake: A plumbing snake, also known as an auger, is used to physically remove clogs and blockages from the pipes.
  1. High-Pressure Water Jet: In instances of stubborn clogs or accumulated debris, a high-pressure water jet is used to flush out the pipes thoroughly.
  1. Protective Gear: Prioritizing safety, our team wears protective gear, including gloves and goggles, to shield against any potential splashes or contaminants during the cleaning process.

Steps for Pipe Cleaning

Our commercial kitchen drain pipes cleaning process is designed to restore the flow and cleanliness of your kitchens drain pipes:

  1. Assessment: Our team begins with a thorough assessment of the drain pipes, identifying areas of concern such as blockages, grease buildup, or potential damage.
  1. Commercial Drain Cleaner Application: A strong commercial drain cleaner is applied to break down accumulated grease, organic matter, and other residues within the pipes. This step is important for eliminating foul odors and enhancing overall pipe cleanliness.
  1. Plumbing Snake Intervention: A plumbing snake is carefully fed into the pipes, navigating through bends and curves to dislodge and remove clogs. This mechanical action helps clear blockages and restores optimal flow.
  1. High-Pressure Water Jet: In cases of persistent clogs or heavy debris, a high-pressure water jet is utilized to flush out the pipes forcefully. This process ensures a thorough cleaning, leaving the pipes free from contaminants.
  1. Visual Inspection: Post-cleaning, a visual inspection is conducted to ensure that the pipes are clear, free from blockages, and functioning optimally. Any remaining issues are addressed promptly.

6. Preventive Measures: Our team provides recommendations for preventive measures to avoid future clogs, such as proper disposal practices, regular cleaning schedules, and the use of drain strainers.

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Best Practices for Maintaining Pipes

While our professional cleaning services can make sure your commercial kitchen drain pipes are working properly, maintaining their cleanliness between sessions is necessary. Here are some best practices to ensure your pipes remain efficient and hygienic:

1. Regular Hot Water Flushing:

Incorporate regular hot water flushing into your kitchen routine. This helps prevent grease buildup by melting and flushing away fats that may accumulate in the pipes.

2. Enzyme Cleaners:

Use enzyme-based drain cleaners periodically. These cleaners contain natural enzymes that break down organic matter, preventing clogs and maintaining optimal flow.

3. Avoiding Grease Disposal:

Discourage the disposal of grease and oil down the drain. Implement proper disposal practices, such as collecting grease in designated containers for later disposal.

4. Routine Inspections:

Conduct routine visual inspections of your drain pipes. Look for signs of slow drainage, foul odors, or any visible issues. Addressing these issues promptly can prevent major clogs.

5. Employee Training:

Educate kitchen staff on proper disposal practices and the importance of maintaining pipe cleanliness. Implement protocols for regular inspections and reporting any issues immediately.

6. Professional Cleaning:

Hire professional cleaning services, like Safe Kitchens, periodically to conduct preventive maintenance. Scheduled cleanings can address potential issues before they escalate, ensuring the ongoing efficiency of your drain pipes.


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Our Comprehensive Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

Beyond your kitchen’s drain pipes, Safe Kitchens offers a comprehensive range of cleaning services:

1. Hood and Exhaust System Cleaning:

Our professional cleaning services cover the entire hood and exhaust system, mitigating grease buildup and ensuring a safe cooking environment. This process minimizes fire hazards and maintains optimal air quality.

2. Equipment Cleaning:

Regular maintenance of kitchen equipment is important for both functionality and hygiene. Our services include cleaning and sanitizing stovetops, ovens, fryers, and other essential equipment.

3. Grease Trap Cleaning:

Proper grease trap maintenance is necessary for preventing blockages and ensuring smooth kitchen operations. Our team specializes in thorough grease trap cleaning, minimizing the risk of backups and foul odors.

4. Commercial Floor Sink Cleaning:

Often overlooked, floor sinks are susceptible to debris buildup and creating plumbing issues. Our cleaning services encompass thorough commercial floor sink cleaning, preventing clogs and maintaining optimal drainage.

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Commercial Kitchen Pipes Cleaning Services In Los Angeles

Our commercial kitchen pipes cleaning service helps make sure your restaurant runs as optimally as possible. By using industry-leading materials, implementing our step-by-step process, and offering a comprehensive range of services, we ensure that your kitchen remains a space where you’re not impeded by clogged or unclean drain pipes.

Contact our commercial kitchen pipes cleaning services near you in Los Angeles today.

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