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Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning

As a restaurant owner, you know that keeping your kitchen clean is essential. Safe Kitchens specializes in cleaning commercial kitchens, making sure they are not only clean, but meet commercial health and safety standards.

When you work with Safe Kitchens, your staff can spend more time on what they do best—preparing and cooking great food—while we focus on keeping your kitchen clean. Whether you need a deep clean or regular maintenance, there’s no need for your staff to spend precious time scrubbing and wiping down your kitchen when you use Safe Kitchens.

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What’s Included in Our Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Services?

Safe Kitchens offers a complete range of restaurant cleaning services. We use specialized equipment and cleaning supplies to ensure your kitchen is clean enough for not only everyday use, but an upcoming inspection.

Restaurant Cleaning Services:

  • Hotline Equipment: fryers, grills, ranges, ovens, and more
  • Floors: clean, polish, and seal all types of floors, including tile and grout
  • Stainless Steel: clean and polish all stainless steel surfaces
  • Hoods and Filters: clean external hoods and filters to ensure proper functioning
  • Deep Cleaning: sanitize and disinfect equipment and surfaces
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Why Hire A Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Company?

In order to comply with city and state regulations, your restaurant must meet a certain level of cleanliness in your restaurant kitchen. In Los Angeles, inspections focus on not only food safety practices, but also whether your business is clean and well maintained. Hiring a specialized cleaning service for your restaurant removes this duty from your regular staff.

Maintaining the health and safety of your diners is of utmost importance for any restaurant. Get rid of grease, grime, and food particles that may spread bacteria or other harmful contaminants. We can also clean your dining areas, common areas, and bathrooms in order to provide a clean and appealing experience for your customers.

A clean restaurant kitchen can also help keep your staff healthy and safe, reducing the possibility of fires, slips and falls, and illness. This reduces the possibility of your staff takin time off work.

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What Kinds of Restaurants Do You Clean?

Safe Kitchens can provide cleaning services to all types of restaurants. Whether you are a multi-unit chain, a single location, a food truck, or a ghost kitchen, we are happy to clean your kitchen, dining, and other areas. Our comprehensive cleaning solutions serve a wide range of kitchen setups, ensuring that your business meets the necessary health and safety standards. 

  • National Multi-Unit Chains
  • Regional Multi-Unit Chains
  • Franchise Groups
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Single Unit Operator
  • Food Trucks
  • Ghost Kitchen

We offer restaurant kitchen cleaning services in the Los Angeles area as well as surrounding cities, such as Santa Barbara, Orange County, Ventura County, San Francisco and San Diego. Our services help improve the overall appearance of cleanliness and safety, which enhances employee morale and customer satisfaction. Contact Safe Kitchens today for a free estimate on our restaurant kitchen cleaning services.

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