Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning and Safety Review Leaving 2020 In the Dust

As we are getting into the last couple months of the year, most businesses are preparing their kitchens and workspaces with a deep cleaning and safety review. The possibility of a health inspector visiting your business soon is likely, so being prepared inside and out will give you that A rating your business deserves! Safe Kitchens, the most successful commercial kitchen cleaning and compliance company in California, provides complete and thorough deep commercial kitchen cleaning and safety audit services for restaurants across the state! Our trained technicians will seamlessly clean all equipment in your kitchen to a shiny brand new; as well as provide you with an extensive assessment of your company’s workplace!

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Deep Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Our team here at Safe Kitchens will schedule you in for a deep cleaning and safety audit service. Upon arrival, we will inspect and document what needs to be cleaned, which you will get a detailed report directly after the cleaning. We will then use state of the art electrostatic sprayers and battery powered handheld to disinfect both kitchen facilities and HVAC ducts. Our team will proceed with using the Hygiene ATP testing meter to verify cleaning outcomes reach a safe and healthy level for your staff. The deep commercial kitchen cleaning process will then proceed with our team utilizing Probiotic Bio Detergents as a way for fighting biology with biology keeping you, your staff, and your clientele 100% safe! Check out these incredible before and after pictures below to see just the quality and just how meticulous our team will clean your industrial kitchen space:

After cleaning, our team will then report and outline the cleaning protocols followed, chemical Safety Data Sheets of chemicals and detergents used, ATP readings of before and after cleaning is done, and before and after pictures like the ones above for your reference, knowledge, and peace of mind. As we stand in this global pandemic, it is crucial to keep up with cleanliness alone, let alone your professional workplace! According to the CDC, it is required to “establish a disinfection routine and train staff on proper cleaning timing and procedures to ensure safe and correct application of disinfection.” In addition to extensive cleaning and documentation, our deep commercial kitchen cleaners will also take the time to train and teach you and your employees about the proper protocols to keep your kitchen clean and CDC compliant!

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Our Safety Audit Services for Restaurants

Our Safety Compliance Audit will provide you with an extensive assessment of your company’s workplace. It is essential for this to be done as having regular audit conducted will ensure consistency in the way managers and supervisors maintain health and safety procedures, rather than unintentionally encourage lax protocols and a “ramp up effect” on health and safety in anticipation of an annual audit date. Our team will provide you with valuable information about the effectiveness of the different health and safety programs of your business and identify areas where more work needs to be done. Just to note, this audit service is not a replacement for regular inspections of your kitchen facilities. It is important to still get regular third-party inspections to be prepared for a possible unknown health inspection. Your business can be drastically affected if you are not prepared for a health inspector to show up, so it’s best to plan ahead and make sure you are following all safety guidelines!