The Ultimate Bar Cleaning Checklist You Can Start Using Now

Keeping the clean bar is very important for making customers happy and meeting health rules. This detailed bar cleaning checklist for cleaning the bar includes tasks you should do every day, every week, and extra ones to make sure your bar stays perfectly clean and operates without problems.

Daily Bar Cleaning Checklist


  1. Ice: Take the remaining ice from yesterday, make it melt, and put in new ice for today.
  2. Keg: Look at how much is left in the kegs and fill them up again if necessary.
  3. Refrigerated Beer: Put more bottles and cans of beer into the refrigerators.
  4. Clean Bar Tops and Counters: Clean every surface using a proper bar cleaning product solution.
  5. Inspect Glassware: Ensure that every glass is perfectly clean and has no cracks.
  6. Clean Beer Taps and Soda Guns: Wipe them well to prevent stickiness from accumulating.
  7. Restock Garnishes and Mixers: Get ready and refill all toppings and mixing liquids for today.
  8. Restock Napkins and Straws: Also, put more things like napkin papers, drinking tubes, and throw-away cutlery back on the shelf.

During the Shift:

  1. Wash Glassware Regularly: Always clean the glasses after using them to avoid having too many waiting.
  2. Empty Trash Bins: Make sure to empty the garbage cans often so that the place stays neat and doesn’t smell bad.
  3. Wipe Spills Immediately: If there are spills, make sure to tidy them immediately so that the floor and areas do not become sticky.
  4. Keep Bar Clean: After every customer, please clean the bar using a towel.
  5. Sweep Floors: Sweep the floor from time to time to collect things that have fallen or dirt.
  6. Clean Bar Tools: Rinse and clean bar tools such as shakers and strainers after each use.
  7. Restock Beer: Refill the empty coolers with bottles and cans of beer.


  1. Sweep and Mop Floors: Clean the whole bar area by sweeping and mopping well so it is tidy for the next day.
  2. Empty and Clean Ice Bins: Dispose of the ice in the containers and sanitize them to prevent bacterial growth.
  3. Wash and Sanitize Surfaces: Make sure to clean and make all bar tops, counters, and tables free of germs thoroughly.
  4. Clean Bar Equipment: Also, wipe every piece of bar equipment like blenders, coffee makers, and fridges.
  5. Restock and Organize: Refill necessary items and tidy up the space for drinks for tomorrow.

Weekly Bar Cleaning Checklist

  1. Deep Clean Glassware: Clean very deeply all the glass items using a liquid made for cleaning glass, and also use something to kill germs while you’re at it.
  2. Sanitize Refrigerators and Freezers: Make sure refrigerators and freezers are empty and clean them well so mold and bacteria do not grow.
  3. Dust and Wipe Down Bottles: Clean all bottles and shelves from dust, and wipe them.
  4. Deep Clean Bar Tools: Wash every bar tool like strainers, shakers, and muddlers very well.
  5. Clean Light Fixtures: Please make sure to wipe down and clean all the light fixtures for any dust or dirt that has built up.
  6. Inspect and Clean Drains: Also, inspect and tidy up all the bar drains so that there aren’t any obstructions in them.
  7. Floor Mats: Clean all the mats on the floor with a high-pressure water machine.
  8. Empty Trash: Remove all garbage and place the bags in the external waste container.

Cleaning a Bar‘s Beer Lines

You need to clean the beer pipes every month, but if you offer craft beers that are unfiltered and made in small quantities, do it every two weeks.

  1. Disassemble and Soak: Remove the beer pipes and put them into a special cleaning liquid made for beer pipes.
  2. Flush with Water: Next, let water flow in the pipes to remove remaining materials.
  3. Use a Cleaning Pump: Find a pump for cleaning that will push the cleansing fluid within the pipes.
  4. Rinse Thoroughly: Wash the pipes well with water until no more cleaning liquid is left.
  5. Reconnect and Test: Reconnect the beer lines and test with beer to ensure there is no off-taste.

Who Should Clean the Bar?

Staff Responsibilities: 

Bartenders and barbacks usually take care of cleaning every day. The big clean that happens once a week can be done together by the workers or given to a special team just for cleaning. Cleaning tasks such as keeping the beer lines in good condition must be performed by employees who have received proper training or a firm that offers this kind of specialized service.

Professional Bar Cleaning Service: 

When you engage a professional bar cleaning company, they make certain every part is cleaned in depth. These skilled employees are capable of deep cleaning tasks, focusing on equipment requiring special care, and managing the routine maintenance. Safe Kitchens offers comprehensive cleaning for bars, tailored to meet the unique needs of your place, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for employees and customers.

Bar Cleaning Products:

Use professional bar cleaning products for good cleansing and germ-killing. Have a supply of all needed things, like sanitizers, fat removers, cleaners for glasses and stuff to clean floors. Regularly check and restock cleaning supplies to avoid running out during peak times.

Conclusion: Bar Cleaning Checklist

Consistent and comprehensive cleansing is necessary to keep a bar running successfully and cleanly. Using an in-depth bar deep cleaning checklist helps make sure all parts of the establishment are addressed, covering everyday upkeep as well as thorough weekly cleaning routines. Staff members or a professional bar cleaning service like Safe Kitchens must ensure they perform proper bar maintenance and use good quality bar cleaning products to maintain the area in excellent condition.