Safe Return to the Workplace

Emergency Cleaning Services as a Path for a Safe Return to the Workplace

Safe Kitchens is leading the way to a safe return to the workplace. We are the leader in emergency commercial kitchen cleaning services. We are a trusted resource in providing the safest environment for commercial kitchens and their clientele.

Now, more than ever, our expertise is in demand as we help our customers navigate the unique circumstances of COVID-19. As stay-at-home restrictions begin to ease, Safe Kitchens is committed to working hard to keep restaurants and buildings clean and healthy for everyone.

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Our Proactive Steps

In our united efforts to ensure public health amid this global pandemic, the Safe Kitchens team is adjusting its response to the disinfection process for commercial properties.

  1. Employee Retraining
    All Safe Kitchens employees were retrained in methods designed to protect themselves and others while performing commercial cleaning services with Simix Cleaner. This industrial-strength, multisurface kitchen degreaser is safe and non-toxic and is capable of cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces. It can be used on tabletops, menus, and food preparation surfaces safely and effectively. Simix Cleaner removes unsightly dirt and grime and reduces the number of pathogenic microbes on surfaces to levels where they no longer cause harm.
  2. Supply and Demand
    Cleaning products are in short supply as people strive to keep their residential and commercial properties clean and sanitary in the fight against COVID-19. Safe Kitchens is well-stocked with the commercial disinfection products needed to keep your commercial spaces sanitary.
  3. Team Capacity
    Rest assured, Safe Kitchens has the team capacity to meet the needs of all current and prospective clients. We are confident in our ability to provide a clean and sanitized space for your employees and guests.
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The Importance of Deep Cleaning

Don’t be fooled by our name. Safe Kitchens offers comprehensive services for all types of commercial applications, including:

  • Bars and restaurants
  • Commercial offices
  • Hospitals
  • Senior living facilities
  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Churches

As lockdown restrictions ease, and residents resume trips to their favorite places, it is important to provide as much protection as possible. Commercial businesses must protect their guests and workers. Being diligent in the fight against the spread of coronavirus protects companies, their staff and their clientele.

Companies are encouraged to implement enhanced cleaning services to disinfect and sanitize commercial property. This should include disinfecting all frequently touched surfaces, tools and equipment. Surfaces where food is prepared and served require special attention. Safe Kitchens is working hard to help our clients meet these stringent disinfection requirements proactively and responsively.

COVID-19 can strike at any time. Employees who are feeling unwell or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms should be immediately isolated from other staff and guests. Safe Kitchens can perform an emergency deep-cleaning to sanitize all areas of contact.

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The Benefits of Documentation

Safe Kitchens provides more than commercial cleaning services. Our dedicated team members recently underwent special training to become certified on decontaminating and disinfecting all types of surfaces.

Our Cleaning Verification System uses the same level of testing employed by commercial facilities that require the highest levels of sanitation and cleanliness. Throughout the cleaning process, we proactively document sanitation and decontamination levels our clients can use to build “defendable programs.” This documentation allows our clients to prove they have taken extraordinary measures to provide the safest possible environment for their employees and guests.

The World Health Organization, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommend having a defendable program in place before reopening to provide employees and the public confidence in your facility.

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