Emergency Cleaning Services

Emergency Cleaning Services

Safe Kitchens is the Leader in emergency commercial kitchen cleaning services. As the owner of a commercial premises, or another organization, you have an obligation to protect anyone who uses the property. With the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic gathering pace, this poses a huge challenge.

At Safe Kitchens, our goal is to help you address the unique challenges of this pandemic in both a proactive and a responsive manner. Through our many years of service in California, we’ve become the leader in emergency commercial kitchen cleaning and can serve as an important source of support for your health and safety team.

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Establishments We Assist

We specialize in working with companies and institutions with unique requirements and challenges to meet. We help them asses the safety needs of large group areas and enable them to meet the safety challenges these institutions experience.

  • Commercial Offices
    Now more than ever, staff need to feel safe as they enter the workplace. Cleaning crews with the knowledge and training to properly disinfect the office environment can go a long way towards bringing reassurance to your staff.
  • Food Production Facilities
    Customers need products free from viruses and other contaminates. Simply wiping frequently used surfaces down is not enough to prevent virus spread. Comprehensive deep kitchen cleaning including the cleaning of all hot line-appliances followed by the disinfection of areas such as floors, stainless steel items and frequently used surfaces, is a must.
  • Schools
    Nothing is more important than the protection of our children. Eliminating any trace of the coronavirus so that students can safely return to the classrooms is a key concern for education leaders. We can help you provide the peace of mind both students and faculty deserve.
  • Hospitals
    Doctors, nurses and other essential hospital staff, are counting on their environment to be cleaned to a certain standard that far exceeds most environments. This is even more true as they battle day and night on the front line. Commercial kitchen sanitation services are essential in maintaining high standards of cleanliness and in preventing the spread of COVID-19.
  • Senior Living Facilities
    Our elderly family members are among the most susceptible to the COVID-19 virus. It’s imperative that we keep their living quarters, food preparation zones and common areas free from viruses and pathogens.
  • Other Organizations
    Restaurants, stadiums, arenas, churches and a number of other venues with commercial kitchen areas will need continued maintenance as services return to full operation. Our expertise, knowledgable staff and proven verification systems work in synergy to bring your facility back online as quickly as possible.
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How to Know if a Vendor is Qualified to Decontaminate and Sanitize your Facility

Guests and employees alike need to know that you can protect them from the spread of the coronavirus. But how do you know if the measures you’re putting in place are enough? Hiring the right vendor is key. Three questions you must ask are:

Is the vendor licensed, insured and experienced?
Does the vendor understand and follow all CDC, OSHA and other jurisdictional requirements related to COVID-19 decontamination? And most importantly, does the vendor provide a documented protocol and a cleaning verification system?

Safe Kitchens CEO, John Spach explains that every organization should have a “defendable program” in place prior to opening its doors to employees and the public. This “defendable program” is a written protocol for contamination, developed using reputable information from the WHO, CDC and OSHA.

Our Cleaning Verification System has been designed to give you, your employees and the public, confidence in your facility. Through proactive documentation, we provide a program that’s not only reassuring but also defendable.

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Our Commitment to You

Our emergency commercial kitchen cleaning services goes well beyond a “deep-clean”. As the demand for safe and comprehensive virus prevention strategies grows, we continue to increase our commitment to the standards and best-practices of today. We aim to protect your business in a confidential manner and strive to keep your essential services operating.

We appreciate you and your clientele. We’re grateful for the opportunity we have to serve and we continue to express our concerns and care for the general well-being of your business, employees, customers and families. We want to help you rest easy knowing your facility is doing everything it can to stop the spread of COVID-19.